You Need a Combination Vending Machine in Your Office – Here’s Why!

You Need a Combination Vending Machine in Your Office – Here’s Why!

Let’s be honest – work gets harder with an empty stomach.

The thought of munching on something good during office hours is distracting, and it can easily hurt one’s productivity and energy levels. However, installing a combination vending machine has proven to be a transformative solution for modern-day employers. A well-stocked and regularly maintained vending machine in the workplace offers convenient access to ready-to-eat and energising snacks, which come in handy to beat hunger pangs at any hour of the clock.

In this post, we’ll uncover the benefits of installing a combination vending machine – a popular food dispenser option that houses both snacks and drinks in a single unit. With a combo machine, your employees, co-workers and clients can easily access the refreshments of their choice and feel full while focusing on their work activities. Here are some of the notable perks of choosing a combination vending machine hire in Sydney.

Top Reasons to Get a Snack and Drink Combo Vending Machine for Your Workplace

Lease-free and Hassle Free

If you have always brushed off the idea of installing combo vending machines due to cost, consider that the least of your worries.

You don’t really need to spend a single dime to keep your employees happy and productive. By contacting leading providers of vending machines in Sydney, you can get a vending machine installed at zero costs with no hidden fees. All you need to do is contact a reliable vending machine operator near you, fill out an enquiry form, and their skilled staff will be ready to kickstart the process within a few hours.

You can then discuss with them the perfect vending solution of your dreams, and they’ll plan everything for you!

Compact Design With Easy Access to Diverse Snack Selection

The last thing you want is to install a vending machine only to have it take up most of your space. Combo vending machines are designed to maximise your space. They have a compact design where snacks and drinks options are in one unit. Whether you need it in the waiting rooms or offices, you can rest assured that it won’t occupy a lot of space and you would be able to freely navigate through these spaces without knocking things.

Moreover, the fact that modern vending machines aren’t limited to one type of product tops up the benefits. Do your employees love refreshing beverages? Easy snacks? All of these can be provided when you have a combo vending machine. Just make a call to a reputed vending machine operator in your area, and they will offer an installation that fits your employees’ needs.

A Promise of Low Energy Consumption

Unlike conventional vending machines, a combination vending machine doesn’t really use a lot of energy, given it is a single machine. The reduction of energy consumption helps employers save money on utility bills.

Moreover, employers who own cafeterias or canteens can seize this opportunity to reduce overhead costs. With the perfect vending machine for hire, you don’t have to have people managing the canteen. All you need is to find an operator who can take care of installation, snacks, machine refilling and regular maintenance, and you are all set for years to come.

Capture Employee’s Demographic

When you finally invest in vending machine installation services, you might not be able to know what kind of snacks your employees want. However, you can better understand your employee’s dietary needs over time.

Advanced combination vending machines feature advanced technologies that capture multiple demographics, from who is using the machines to the most preferred snacks. Having this information allows you to personalise the vending machine in a way that caters for every employee’s needs. Providing the right snacks and beverages means you will have many people using the vending machines, which will help increase your customer base and reduce wastage.

Maximise Work Productivity

Imagine how much time is lost when your employees step outside to look for a snack to bring that energy back. First, there is no escaping the long queue in most restaurants or cafeterias. Second, more energy is lost getting back to the office, especially if they have to take a long walk. If you do a little maths, the hours lost may round up to 3-5 hours/week!

Vending machine hire Sydney eliminates the need for employees to step outside. With all types of snacks within arm’s reach, they can efficiently work within the working hours without taking long breaks. A 15-minute break is enough for one to step into the waiting room, grab a snack/drink, eat and resume back to work. Plus, the benefits extend further for those who work night hours. It helps improve safety and efficiency as employees don’t have to stress about walking in the dark to grab snacks.

Combo vending machines are one of the most cost-effective solutions to keeping your employees happy and getting your business running. With zero costs, you can create active minds that enjoy the allure of being in an office. If you have yet to have a combi vending machine in your workplace, it’s not too late. Talk to your employees to get an idea of what they would like to have, and let the vending machine installation experts handle the rest.

To get started with confidence, feel free to contact our team at F&Sons Vending – we are one of the most trusted vending machine operators in Sydney, offering top-tier vending solutions to businesses of all sizes and scopes. Contact us here to get your free vending machine in Sydney today!

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